Maryland Wear and Carry & Concealed Carry

Defund the police?

Average response of law enforcement is 11 minutes?

1 in 30 people are victims of a violent event?

Everyone has a different way to mitigate the risks in their lives.  For many, carrying a firearm is a way to protect themselves and the ones they love.  We offer a Maryland-compliant course which allows you to carry in several states.  This course provides a lot of information and for the new shooter, we recommend you take a basic pistol class first so you can concentrate on the principles of concealed carry and not the basic function of your gun and basic shooting skills. We cover defensive pistol skills, drawing from concealment, stoppage remediation, criminal mindset, psychological aspects of a defensive encounter and legal aspects of using self-defense as a legal strategy.  The instructor is former SWAT, federal law enforcement and instructor at the Joint Law Enforcement Training Center.

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